Court Supervision in Illinois

court supervision in illinois

Court Supervision in Illinois

After an acquittal following trial, court supervision is the best option available to anyone charged with a criminal offense. Court supervision is not available as a sentencing option for felony offenses. Court supervision is a valid sentencing option in most misdemeanor cases. Court supervision can be imposed either as part of plea bargain or after a sentencing hearing. A sentence of court supervision is essentially a diversion program because if completed successfully the person serving the court supervision will avoid a conviction on his or her criminal record. If however, the sentence of court supervision is not completed successfully, then the court supervision is terminated and the person will be resentenced.

Receiving court supervision is usually a great result in a criminal case, especially when the probability of success at trial is not clear. One of the best parts things about court supervision is that it is not a conviction. Avoiding a conviction usually means that the offense can be expunged. However, there are a few misdemeanor cases such as DUI and reckless driving that cannot be expunged.


Being charged and convicted of a criminal offense can be a life-altering event. Avoiding a criminal conviction is the most important thing. This can happen only one of three ways, having the charges dismissed, being acquitted, or receiving court supervision. Having a criminal defense attorney OR truck accident lawyer in wakefield ri who has the ability to navigate the criminal process is of utmost importance. While court supervision is usually an ideal resolution of your criminal case, it is and should always be option number 3. Only after a decision is made that the charges cannot be dismissed or that trial is not a viable option should pleading guilty to court supervision be considered.

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