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Criminal Defense In Illinois

Illinois criminal law encompasses a wide range of offenses from the insignificant to the very
serious. Criminal offenses are prosecuted by a number of different agencies. Less serious
offenses are known as misdemeanor crimes and more serious offenses are felony crimes.
Criminal offenses are also classified depending upon whether the criminal offense was a violent
or non-violent offense. Illinois criminal defense includes both federal crimes and state offenses.

Criminal Defense cases won in Illinois

We are very proud of the cases that we have won especially those when our clients were told by others to plead guilty and pray for the court’s mercy at sentencing. Each case is different and past case studies along with the information on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted to indicate a certain result will occur in your specific legal situation.

Client was facing charges related with wire fraud, Medicare fraud and whole host of other criminal and civil charges brought by the federal government. Prior attorney recommended settling; after Mr. Jaleel’s involvement and suggestion to try the case based upon the lack of evidence, the government eventually dismissed the criminal and civil charges without the need for a trial.

Client was facing several counts of armed robbery along with his co-defendants who were now cooperating witnesses for the prosecution. Successfully obtained a finding of guilty following a jury trial because the prosecution was unable to establish an essential element of the indictment.

Successfully obtained a dismissal at trial of a client who was charged with possession with intent and delivery of a controlled substance based upon an lawful search that resulted after a hearing where it was established that the police violated the client’s Fourth Amendment rights.

Client was charged with numerous felony offenses after he gave a detailed confession. Client was acquitted following a jury trial after his admission was suppressed as evidence following a suppression hearing where the court agreed that the client’s statement violated his Miranda rights.

Illinois criminal defense includes both federal crimes and state offenses. Hiring an experienced Criminal and federal Defense Attorney will secure your win!

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A Former Prosecutor who knows ins and out of criminal system is now fighting for your rights and making sure justice is served.

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