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An aggravated DUI is a felony in Illinois. Even a first-time DUI offender can be charged with a felony DUI based upon the facts of the case. However, most first and second-time DUI offenders are charged with a misdemeanor DUI offense in Illinois.

What Are the Penalties for an Aggravated DUI in Illinois?

A felony DUI in Illinois is punished severely. An aggravated DUI can be charged as a Class 4 Felony, a Class 2 Felony, a Class 1 Felony, and even a Class X Felony. Regardless of classification, a conviction for a felony DUI carries with the potential for incarceration and the revocation of the person’s driving privileges.

What Are the Factors That Make a DUI a Felony in Illinois?

A DUI is a felony in Illinois if one of 11 aggravating factors are present. If one of these 11 aggravating factors are present, a DUI can be upgraded to a felony even if the person has no criminal background. Here are the factors that make a DUI a felony in Illinois:

1) A 3rd or subsequent DUI arrest will always be charged as a felony DUI.

2) Receiving a DUI while driving a school bus with children under the age of 18 on board.

3) A DUI that results in a car accident where a person suffers permanent disability or great bodily harm and the cause of the injury is because the defendant was drinking and driving.

4) A drunk driving charge becomes an aggravated DUI if the DUI offender has a prior reckless homicide conviction based upon intoxication or impairment.

5) A DUI is a felony in Illinois if the DUI occurs within a school zone and a car crash occurred because of the DUI and another person suffered bodily harm.

6) A DUI is a felony in Illinois if the DUI was the proximate cause of someone’s death.

7) A driving while impaired charge is a felony in Illinois if the DUI occurred when the person’s driving license was suspended or revoked as a result of prior DUI, a statutory summary suspension, or reckless homicide.

8) A drunk driving charge is a felony in Illinois if the offender did not have a valid driver’s license at the time of the DUI offense.

9) An aggravated DUI occurs when the driver knew that their car was not properly insured.

10) A DUI is a felony in Illinois if the DUI was the proximate cause of bodily harm to a child under the age of 18.

11) A DUI is a felony in Illinois if the DUI offender had passenger under the age of 16 and the person has a prior DUI.

What Should You Do If You Are Facing an Aggravated DUI Charge in Illinois?

An arrest for an aggravated DUI is a very serious matter. A felony DUI conviction can be a life-changing event, not just for you but your entire family. Aggravated DUI is punishable by prison and a maximum fine of $25,000 and many Aggravated DUI charges carry mandatory prison sentences.

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