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Fraud crimes cover a host of offenses such as mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, Medicare fraud, insurance fraud, elder abuse fraud, and even welfare fraud. Article 17 of the Criminal Code covers most of the fraud crimes in Illinois.

All fraud offenses regardless of the specific allegation all involve an intent to defraud. Most fraud crimes also carry with them civil liability to the defrauded individual or to the state or federal government. For example, Medicare fraud can potentially carry a civil damage that can be three-times the amount alleged to have been stolen.

The penalties available upon a conviction vary depending upon the actual crime violated, the amount of money alleged to have been stolen, and like all offenses the criminal history of the person convicted.

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White Collar Crimes

All white-collar crimes involve deceptive behavior usually for financial gain

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Theft can be a punished as severely as a Class X felony

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Forgery is usually a Class 3 felony in most cases

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Outstanding legal representation. Omer’s experience and expertise was truly an asset that payed dividends and prevented a disastrous outcome. I would highly recommend him to my friends and families without any hesitation.
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