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In today’s competitive employment market having a criminal record maybe the difference between having a job and being unemployed. Expunging a record, sealing a record, or seeking executive clemency is the only means available in Illinois to clear past mistakes and to start a new life. The process of clearing a record is riddled with procedural land mines that have to be correctly navigated to be successful in clearing your criminal record.

Expungement | Clemency | PardonExpunging a criminal record and sealing a criminal record are different in many respects, but both methods if successful have the effect of limiting or preventing access to your criminal history. However, expunging a record or sealing a criminal record is available only in limited circumstances. If your case does not qualify for expungement or sealing, then your only option to clear your criminal record is to seek executive clemency.

Jaleel Law P.C. can help you start a new life by helping you to clear your past mistakes that resulted in a criminal record. Even if you were acquitted of your charges an arrest record still exists that can haunt your future prospects. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Jaleel knows how damaging a criminal record can be. Contact us today to start the process of clearing your criminal record by either expunging or sealing your criminal record or by filing a clemency petition on your behalf.

Resources To Help Clear Your Record

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