What Can I Do About My Outstanding Warrant?

outstanding warrant

What Can I Do About My Outstanding Warrant?

An outstanding warrant is issued by a trial judge only if probable cause exists for an arrest. Probable cause to arrest occurs when a defendant misses a scheduled court date. Once a judge issues an arrest warrant you can be arrested at any point. In fact, don’t be surprised if the local police come knocking on your door or coming to your job looking to arrest you based upon the outstanding warrant. At the time the judge issues the warrant the judge will also impose a a dollar amount that will serve as the bail bond.

What Should I Do If There is an Outstanding Warrant For My Arrest Because I Missed My Court Date?

If you miss a court date it is imperative that you contact your attorney immediately. An experienced criminal defense attorney can motion your case back into court to file a motion seeking to have the outstanding warrant quashed. However, it is important to remember that time is of the essence once you miss a court date because the more time passes it is more likely that a judge will seek to execute the warrant, which will result in you being taken into custody. Also, if you miss a court date you are also facing the possibility of forfeiting the bond that was posted.

If you have missed a court date or there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, contact Jaleel Law today P.C. and speak with a former prosecutor to discuss your options.


An outstanding warrant is not something to take lightly. At any moment the police could come knocking on your door or come to your job and arrest you in front of your friends and family. Avoid the embarrassment, Jaleel Law P.C. has successfully gotten numerous outstanding warrants quashed for its clients without our clients ever being arrested. We know what mitigation evidence to present that will increase your chances of walking out of the courtroom with your freedom. We will file all the necessary motions to get your case back in court so we can deal with your warrant. The Jaleel Law P.C. way can avoid you from even having to turn yourself into the police.

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