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The process to perfect an appeal is the formal mechanism of transferring jurisdiction from the trial court to the appellate court. In the most basic sense, this transfer of jurisdiction is completed by filing a timely notice of appeal within 30 days of the final judgment. However, at Jaleel Law we see the process much more broadly than the minimum required by law.

In our minds, a critical piece of perfecting an appeal is by filing a well investigated and well researched post-trial motions. Such post-trial motions frame the appeal and avoid forfeiting arguments on appeal because they were not raised in a motion for a new trial. An important appellate strategy is framing the issues on appeal with a standard of review that is most beneficial to your cause. Failing to raise an issue on appeal results in the argument being forfeited except for plain error, a standard of review that is quite difficult to overcome.

In addition, post-trial motions offer a last opportunity to create a record on appeal that preserves all the issues available. For example, claims of ineffective assistance of counsel are not always readily available from the record on appeal if they are based upon the failure to call favorable witnesses or based upon incorrect advice given outside of court. Generally, such claims are only viable in a post-conviction petition; however, a skilled appellate attorney who is experienced in handling post-trial motions will be able to create a record allowing such claims to be raised on direct appeal.

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Criminal Appeals

The primary mechanism to overturn a wrongful conviction is by filing a direct criminal appeal

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Supreme Court Review

The vast majority of cases that petition for Supreme Court review are rejected and never considered by the Supreme Court

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Appellate Process

Most appeals are litigated solely based upon the appellate briefs that each party files with the reviewing court

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I can’t say enough great things about Omar Jaleel. I hired Omar to help a family member, who suffers from addition, ordered to a rehab facility for 15 months instead of being sentenced to jail. It took some time but he was dedicated and made it happen. A very difficult task in an overcrowded judicial system. Thank you for everything Omar.
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Outstanding legal representation. Omer’s experience and expertise was truly an asset that payed dividends and prevented a disastrous outcome. I would highly recommend him to my friends and families without any hesitation.
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