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A section 2-1401 petition is a remedy from the Rules of Civil Procedure that is also applicable in Illinois criminal law. Section 2-1401 petitions are also known as a petition for relief from judgment. The applicable law related to Section 2-1401 petitions is found at 735 ILCS 5/2-1401. The purpose of a Section 2-1401 petition is challenge final orders, judgments, and decrees by presenting to the trial court’s attention matters of fact that were unknown at the time the court made the judgment. However, petitions for relief from judgment are not designed to provide a general review of all trial errors or as a substitute for direct criminal appeal.

The Section 2-1401 petition must allege a meritorious defense or claim, due diligence in presenting the defense or claim, and due diligence in filing the petition. Even if these conditions are met, the petitioner must still show that the defense or claim affected the entry of the judgment. In other words, to succeed in a petition for relief from judgment the petitioner must establish that he or she was prejudiced. Section 2-1401 proceedings    are    not    an    appropriate    forum    for ineffective-assistance claims because such claims do not challenge the factual basis for the judgment.

Petitions for relief from judgment are filed more than 30 days after the entry of the judgment. However, Section 2-1401 requires that all petitions must be filed within two-years from the judgment or order. The two-year period is waived if the petitioner can establish that he or she was under legal disability or duress or the grounds for relief were fraudulently concealed. Additionally, like must post-trial issues, the time-period does not apply if the judgment being challenged is void.

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